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Yoghurt Cheesecake with Peaches and Amaretti d’Italia Macaroons

Yoghurt Cheesecake with Peaches and Amaretti d’Italia Macaroons

Serving size: 8 | Prep time: 30 minutes | Cooking time: 0 minutes

Shopping List

120g Amaretti  macaroons

4 yellow peaches cut in dices or slices

90g butter

300ml fresh cream

1 lemon

450g lean yoghurt

120g icing sugar

15g sheets of isinglas



Melt the butter in a pot over low heat, then allow it to cool.

Blend Amaretti  macaroons in a mixer, add the melted butter and mix.

Take a 22cm metal ring and put it on a serving dish.  Cover the bottom with blended macaroons and press well using the back of a spoon to form a nicely levelled base.

At this point you can put the base in the ​refrigerator​​ while you prepare the filling of the cold yoghurt cake.

Soak the ​​sheets of isinglass​​ in cold water for ​​about 8 minutes​​​​. Wring them out and put them in a pot with 2 spoons of fresh cream.

Melt the gelatine​​ over low heat stirring continuously.  It will take just few minutes.  Allow to cool completely.

In the meantime, ​whip the cream​​ and set it aside.

Put ​​yoghurt​​​​ and ​​​​icing sugar in a bowl and mix with a spatula;

Take the ​​melted isinglass​​​, add some spoons of yoghurt mixture to prevent the formation of lumps, then add all the yoghurt.

Add the ​​whipped cream and ​​​three diced peaches. Mix well using a spatula.

Take the base of ​​Amaretti  macaroons and pour the ​​yoghurt and cream mixture​​​ to complete your cheesecake.

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