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Authentic Italian Food Products

Discover the full range of Italian food from our authentic range of Italian deli products such as high-quality Italian Pasta, aromatic Olive Oils, Italy’s premier brands of biscuits, Italian Crostini and much more Italian delicacy...

Our Selected Italian Food Products

Italian Pasta

Discover our vast selection of Pasta which offers an unrivalled selection of shapes and quality that we proudly present and remains the flagship of our operations. We provide different types Pasta for all your needs, including Gluten free and Vegan alternatives . All of our pasta is imported from Italy and sold here at amazing prices!

Our collection of Pasta includes 2 main brands, Granoro and Sapori Antichi. Our Granoro pasta range consists of the Classic range, Attilio range, Dedicato range, Gluten free range and an Organic range. Our Sapori Antichi pasta is both colourful and flavoursome and is realised in the most classic sizes of the Italian tradition, with genuine ingredients manufactured according to traditional techniques and without any additive or colouring agent.

Italian Pasta Sauces

Delicious pasta sauces, made from carefully selected ingredients combined with Extra Virgin olive oil ensures the authenticity of a traditional Italian pasta sauce in a jar! Our collection currently consists of 4 delicious pasta sauces: Basil Sauce, Bologneses Sauce, Mushroom sauce and Arrabiata Sauce (Hot) for those who want to add a bit of spice to their dish. All products are Granoro branded and sourced straight from Italy.

Italian Tomato Products

Our suppliers only use the finest sun ripened tomatoes ethically sourced to produce the perfect condiment for both, home and catering uses. We offer a variety in range that includes peeled tomatoes, san marzano tomatoes, chopped tomatoes and passata, all suitable for making perfect homemade Italian pasta sauce, pizza sauce, salads, appetizers and side dishes.


Discover the traditional savoury snacks offering the unmistakable taste of the Italian regions where each flavour brings you to the local lifestyle. The wide range of Italian crostini and breadsticks offers many delicious flavours to choose from, why not try them all!


The range of milled flour meet the highest standards of all your requirements of any use. Whether baking bread, Cakes, or making home- made Pizza or Pasta, we have it covered! The range includes Wheat flour 00, Durum Wheat flour and Pizza flour which are all Granoro branded and sourced straight from Italy.


The voluptuous and diverse range of biscuits we offer includes some of Italy’s premier brands as Matilde Vicenzi, Ore Liete, and Pan Ducale. Whatever time of the the day to have a home treat or snacking, we are sure that there is something sweet and special for you! We should be able to cover any palate with the wide range of biscuits available: cream filled biscuits, Amaretto biscuits, puff pastries, savoiardi biscuits (lady fingers), Italian Cantuccini, Italian Bocconcini and cream filled wafer rolls. We also include sugar free biscuits as well as Vegan and Dairy Free Alternatives.

Olive Oil and Vinegar

A selection of delicately infused Olive Oils that will excite any recipe. Traditional combinations that have stood the test of time and are sure to enhance your total culinary experience. Our collection includes, Aromatic Oil & Garlic, Aromatic Oil &Truffle, Aromatic Oil & Oregano, Aromatic Oil & Lemon and Aromatic Oil & Chilli. We also offer 3 different types of vinegar including Balsamic Cream Lemon, Balsamic Cream Fig and Balsamic Reserve Vinegar.

Cakes and Chocolate

Our portfolio includes an exquisite range of fine cakes & confectionary offering a fine selection ideally suited for gifting during festive times of the year or simply to be enjoyed every day all year round at home. Brands include Perugina Baci, Pasticceria Venezia, Crispo, Fraccaro and Nardone.

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