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Natural and Organic Fine Foods

The Sunita range of natural and organic products includes Tahini, Lemon and Lime Juices, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives, Olive Pâté, Halva, Sesame Bars, Pesto, and Polenta.

Our Sunita Foods Range

Citrus Juices

Our reviving and dynamic lemon and orange juices are delivered from conventional family-farmed groves within the sunny Capo d’Orlando, Messina Territory in Sicily. The lime juice is made from aromatic limes imported from Mexico and Brazil. Freshness, consistency, nutritional value, and flavour are all factors in the selection of limes. Both juices are convenient for use in marinades, salad dressings, drinks and pancakes.

We also offer Sunita infused juices in 2 different flavours, Organic Sicilian Lemon Juice & Ginger and Organic Sicilian Lemon Juice & Bergamot. These mixes are the perfect alternatives to our standard lemon juice and make a great addition to water bottles, tea and cocktails!

Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from organically grown Athinola and Koroneiki olives. These have a bright yellow-green colour, a mildly spiced flavour, and a strong fresh herb aroma with a hint of artichoke. The olive oil is available in 3 different sizes: Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml and Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 litre in glass bottles and Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 litre in tins.

Sunita Olive Oil has the Extra Virgin classification meaning it is the least processed form of olive oil on the market. Due to this, it preserves its nutritional value and delicate flavour and guarantees a superior taste.


Sunita halva is a delicious sesame treat made in central Greece according to a traditional recipe. It is a good source of protein and calcium and is only sweetened with honey, condensed grape juice, or coconut syrup.

Our halva comes in a variety of delicious natural flavours: Organic Honey Halva, Organic Honey Halva with Almond, Organic Honey Halva with Pistachio, Organic Grape Juice Halva with Sultana, Organic Honey Halva with Cocoa, Organic Honey Halva with Coconut Syrup that makes a tasty sweet snack at any time of day. A little goes a long way with this one.

We offer 2 different sizes - the standard size in 75g packs for all the flavours and 2.5kg bars of the Pistachio and Grape fruit flavour.

Sesame seed bars

Our all-natural sesame bars are made in central Greece using only honey or coconut syrup as a sweetener. They're tasty and nutritious snacks that provide a steady supply of energy for people on the go at all hours of the day.

The range offers many delicious flavours, both organic and non-organic. These include Honey Sesame seed bars, Organic Honey Sesame seed bars, Organic Coconut Syrup Sesame seed bars, Organic Honey & Sultana Sesame seed bars and Honey & Almonds Sesame seed bars.

Tahini & Spreads

Sunita organic and natural tahini is made in Greece using conventional methods. To make a smooth, delicious spread, selected Humera sesame seeds are carefully roasted to bring out their rich flavour, then finely ground on specially crafted equipment. There is nothing else added.

Our genuine tahini is a versatile and healthy addition to vegan and vegetarian dishes. Use it to make homemade hummus or a salad, cooked potato, or rice dish dressing by combining it with olive oil, lemon juice, and water.

Choose between whole tahini, which is made from unhulled sesame seeds, light tahini, which is made from hulled sesame seeds, and our delicious sesame spread with cocoa, which is made from whole sesame seeds and cocoa.

Pesto, Pate & Capers

The Sunita Speciality range consists of Kalamon Olive Pâté, Pesto Genovese (basil pesto) and Pesto Rosso (tomato pesto). All are made with the finest organically grown ingredients. The Pesto products can be successfully combined with other ingredients to enhance their flavours. By mixing pesto with mayonnaise or olive oil you can make a delicious dressing for tuna, chicken and pasta salads. It can also add tremendous flavour when mixed into pasta or mashed potato dishes.

Sunita Olives

Sunita olives are cultivated and cared for in Greece's warm Mediterranean climate. They are then aged for nine months to bring out their full flavour potential.

Sunita olives are grown and produced using traditional methods with great care and attention to ensure the highest quality. The range includes garlic stuffed olives, pepper stuffed olives, spicy kalamata olives, marinated mixed olives, green pitted olives, kalamata pitted olives, kalamata whole olives, organic green whole olives, organic kalamata whole olives, jumbo green olives, jumbo kalamon olives and jumbo black olives. We offer various jar sizes including 265g, 340g, 360g, 450g and 2kg olive tubs for those who want to buy in bulk!

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