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Bruschetta with vegetables an Sunita organic light tahini

Bruschetta with vegetables an Sunita organic light tahini

Serving size: 4 | Prep time: 5 minutes | Cooking time: 5 minutes

Shopping List

1 bread

1 large tomato, grated on a coarse grater

1 tablespoon of oregano

1 zucchini, sliced

1 eggplant, sliced

2 tablespoons Sunita organic light tahini

200g mushrooms

3 tablespoons Sunita Extra Virgin olive oil

Salt and freshly ground pepper

1 ½ cup of cottage cheese


Cut the bread into slices about 1 cm thick (we will not use the corners).

Bake the slices in the oven or on the barbecue or if you want more easily in the toaster.

In a non-stick pan with little oil in a pan or in the oven with greaseproof paper, spread the vegetables and cook for a while. While the slices of bread are still warm, spread over first the Sunita organic light tahini and then the tomato, vegetables and mushrooms, salt and pepper and sprinkle with oregano.

To serve

Sprinkle with Sunita extra virgin olive oil and serve.

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